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6 Months of directory advertising on An ad built for our smartphone offers a platform that will remain for the entire 6 months. Ad optimization to bring in customers that are local to your business built by 12-year seasoned web advertising development specialists. There are NO refunds for this service. The time to develop and optimize the ad will  come close to the discounted amount you are paying for this listing.


All offers on the smart phone network must have a discounted offer to be eligible for this directory. Removal of the ad for ANY reason prior to the 6-month contract period will not be cause for a refund of time not used. 



We provide ad production, optimization, and promotion on a leader in the online marketing business since 2010. The fee for our services is  $419 every 6 months.  Changing up ads is possible prior to the renewal date at a cost of $40 per hour to redevelop your new offer.


Amerishop Services 




Your PayPal receipt will be evidence of your purchase. We offer financing through Behalf financing and PayPal here on this website. Just find the logo of the company and click on it to apply for financing. Subject to credit approval.  


The Raven Logo and the images in this document are 100% owned by Raven Financial Group, the parent company of







Amerishop USA | Online Directory| Deals Only

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$299.50Sale Price
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  • All listings in the directory must offer savings to the customers we are marketing to, we do not advertise classified or business cards in this directory.

    There are NO guarantees on advertising, we do our best for the most reasonably priced service.

    Your ad will run continuously for 6 months

    We do not bill for ads. Pre-payment in Credit card form or PayPal is required to begin the service. We do offer PayPal and Behalf financing for those who qualify and you can find their logo links on this website

    The program is specific, We only build one ad for your business for the entire 6 months and that ad must be built within 1 hour to qualify for the program so it is essential that we get all the information correct the first time to keep the pressure down on all involved. 

    We will not be held liable for advertisers that do not honor their ads, Make sure that if you offer the deal you can keep running it for the full six months. Be reasonable on what you are offering so it does not hurt your business.  


    Amerishop Services 

    Randy Dinwiddie 


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