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We are a wholesale food broker servicing the United States. We offer dependable services to retail grocers and food sellers across America. We are an authorized seller of the Frutro brand. Dependable Brokers is your one call for all your product services needs in the grocery broker business. Contact Randy Dinwiddie (314)580-3455

frutro wholesale sales

Quality Products Sold

It is our number one goal to provide a safe and swift process to get food on the tables of hard-working Americans in a swift manner to avoid close dates or spoiling. Our reach is extensive in the food business, with strategic partnerships with brokers in the business for over 40 years.  No Matter what kind of grocery item you need to find a home for, we have the brokers to make that happen and are a valuable asset for your stores.

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Frutro Gelatin  Snacks

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dependable wholesale foods

Frutro is a high-quality high, volume sale food item that is economy-proof. With our vast coverage throughout the United States, we have room for your business with this profitable resell item.

This product is a high-value low- cost treat at only .99 retail for 8 pieces

We sell this product in 1/4 to full truckloads. If you want a product that will be a safe leader on your store's floor, call us today for more information about this up-and-comer that is already in most high-volume chains throughout America

Frutro gelatin sales
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Since 2013

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How We Sell Frutro

Quantities :

  1. 8 Cartons Per Piece 9.8 oz pack

  2. 1/4 Truck 468 Pieces 

  3. 1/2 Truck 936 pieces

  4. Full Truck 1872 Pieces 

  5. We do not sell Frutro by the pallet



Frutro  sales

Product Info

  • Only 25 calories per serving
    12-month shelf life
    No refrigeration required
    Made from seaweed extract
    No animal bi-products
    No high fructose corn syrup
    Only 5 grams of sugar 
    A product of Costa Rica 
    12-15 day turn around time


sependable wholesale foods
frutro gelatin sales
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