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( Must Be Interior Corridor Building ) We offer EXTENSIVE coverages for small bed and breakfast and Inns located in Missouri or Texas. Benchmark provides insurance. An

A-plus rated company. Click on the image below to be taken to the application where you can apply a quote, and buy all in one sitting. Property values must be below 1 million dollars to be eligible for this program—Dependable Brokers of Missouri and Texas. Call us at 314-580-3455 with questions. All you need to do is apply at the link, and if you are eligible, you can buy your policy TODAY.

Property Damage Liability, General Liability, Products/Completed Operations Annual Aggregate, Damage to Premises Rented Limit to You, Medical Expense Limit, Accounts Receivable on/off Premises, Backup of Sewers and Drains, Brands and Labels, Business Income and Extra Expense - Websites, Business Income, and Extra Expense, Business Income from Dependent Properties, Tenant Glass - Interior, Tenant Glass - Exterior, Outdoor signs (detached) - per sign.


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