New Appointments For Homeowners and Business Owners

Reliant Brokers is currently seeking reputable, ethical homeowners and business owners' insurance company appointments. If you have a track record of always being the highly rated company with a stripped-down burn policy, NO THANKS. If you think it is the agency's responsibility to bankroll you on policy payouts up to 60 days, Think Again.

We offer QUOTES from long-term little or no loss record Standard and Non-Standard customers. We quote over 5 million dollars per year in business coverage insurance quotes. Our agency has been a voice for business customers since 2013 and we lead the pack when it comes to closing the deal.

We are NOT looking for insurance companies with sister companies that use 90% of our apps as a lead service that they send to their sister company after they decline our application. We are looking for companies that are professional and realize that this is a business of selling insurance to responsible risks and not of fighting and trapping agents into a liability if there is ever a claim.

We are not interested in appointments where our agency carries all the responsibility for marketing and expenses on GOOD quality clients and then we wait a month for the quote to become a policy. If you are a company that does not trust your agents and the customers that we send to you to sell policies to. We are not a good fit for you.

If you want to be a part of an agency with a less than 20% loss run record over the past 8 years and provides top quality quotes in the automotive and hospitality markets. We want to speak with you TODAY.