Franchised Hotel Standard Markets, What Happened?

Reliant Brokers Hotel Insurance Brokers representing displaced franchised hotel markets without a standard insurance company home. With all of the volatility in the markets because of COVID 19 the standard hotel insurance markets are all but a dead-case scenario. Hotel owners are getting their renewal slips from standard carriers and going into shock at the rate increases or the flat-out non-renewal statement.

We are a seasoned Habitational insurance agency and have the tools in our back closet to find standard hotel market owners a substitute policy for the one that seems to no longer exist in the standard markets.

We will FIGHT for you to get the best policy and the best price with our associates in the business. We are a small agency so we cannot help everyone but if you fall into this category class we can help you better than most others

*No Claims past 4 years

6 million or less revenue volume

20 or fewer employees

*property values 10 mil. or less


* New or like-new roof 5 years or less old

Randy S Dinwiddie


Reliant Brokers