Current Events with Jett Comm LLC

Minutes for September 14, 2021

Reliant Brokers will offer Mortgage Solutions for our 3000 customers as of 1-1-2021 NMLS 1975605

Property Casualty and life Insurance Agency Since 2014 servicing Missouri and Texas.

Reliant Brokers is a property-casualty business focused on the customer. WE DO NOT work for insurance companies, we work for our customers to bring them the best value and satisfaction.

The Laughing Class Comedy Shows will close permanently in Missouri Sunday, October 31, 2021. Thank you to our fans for supporting the shows for the years we have sponsored the comedy shows. It is this companies directive to help insurance customers find the right policies and that is what we will be focusing on.

August 2021 Quoted premium was 258,859,00.00

Our firm is not a walk-in office. This is a business insurance agency that works by phone and field for our customers. It has been that way for 5 of the 8 years we have been in business. We prefer to keep money in our customers and our own pockets than to see it be wasted away on something not needed like an office that rarely anyone would ever visit.

Our firm works specifically for companies in the automotive industry, hospitality industry, trucking, and wholesale business industry.