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Retail Operation Insurance (Liability Coverage): Dependable Brokers (314)580-3455

Reliant Brokers Business Insurance Agency Missouri*Texas Hiscox, Coterie, Next, Cover Wallet, Progressive Commercial Appointed in Missouri and Texas Call 314-580-3455

Here is a breakdown of some of the coverages for Liability Insurance for your RETAIL business

Bodily Injury*Defamation, Libel, Slander* Medical Expenses*Third-party Property Damage. 1 in 45 Business Owners experience a claim

liability insurance, payroll tax, gross sales, location, online application number of employees,

Every Business owner should carry at least a 1 million dollar general liability protection insurance policy. Most range from 1250.00 per year and up depending on the circumstances of the business and what type of activity you are allowing at your business. If you are renting a building you definitely need this protection to be sure if there is accidental damage done to the building you do not own, that this is covered through an insurance policy and not out of your pocket.

You need the best coverages at an affordable rate. If you are a new business or you have had prior claims or issues with credit this may affect your premiums so before you apply you should be aware of this,

Experts In Small Business Insurance Apply Here

At Reliant Brokers we specialize in small business to medium-sized business insurance.


Randy Dinwiddie* Business Insurance Agent: Reliant Brokers Insurance Agency

Missouri and texas Coverage Specializing in Small Business Insurance (314)580-3455 St Louis Missouri or (409)465-9204 Galveston, Texas. General Liability Insurance for Retail Stores with Rented Buildings.

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