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Missouri Car Hauler Jobs | Long Haul

S and S Auto Logistics are hiring Missouri Car Hauler Jobs. We hire top professionals for top pay. You will be responsible for delivering vehicles between ports and rail yards, terminals and dealerships, and private owners. You will coordinate with administration and dispatch teams to ensure professional, safe, and timely delivery of our customer's vehicles. Now hiring professional and courteous professional drivers.

  1. Company Hauler Jobs. No outside contractors, please

  2. Must have class A CDL

  3. 5 years prior experience required

  4. Clean Driving Record

  5. Must have a DOT safety card

  6. Candidate must have good attention to detail

  7. Must have great management skills

  8. Must be a time manager

  9. Must have good communication skills

  10. Must have a DOT medical card

  11. Must maintain a clean driving record

  12. Must follow proper safety procedures

  13. Pay from $14 to $39 per hour depending on experience

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