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Hotel Insurance Nightmares? Call (314)580-3455

Anyone in the hospitality insurance right now is waking up to a huge increase on their 2022 insurance bill it seems. One of the biggest issues in the business is the fact that there is really not a front-running company that will write Hotels. Yes, they loved you when times were good but now these same sorry bastards that took your money for years are closing up shop for the most part on the standard policy.

What happened? COVID 19 happened and the losses were substantial for some standard companies that lost money on this plague unleashed on the world by the CCP. Where is the government at? The same government that signed a treaty to allow the evilest group of thugs to control our imports in America. It's time to fight BACK! If your Hotel has done it all right and stayed on track of responsibility and expect to be given a rate that is earned by RESPONSIBILITY of knowing why we use insurance for. We are a soldier for you to hold people accountable and push for the same best value in the insurance business you deserve.

We want your business and will do all possible to bring you what you deserve, the best policy at a VALUE<

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